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Service Dogs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How much does it cost to train a service dog?
service dog trainingA:  Training costs vary based on each individual client's actual needs and condition.

Q:  How much do service dogs cost?
A:  The cost will vary upon service desired, location and how soon services are required.

Q:  What kind of dogs make the best service dogs?
A:  There are several breeds of dogs that can assist you in a variety of ways. Our experienced staff will be able to advise you to find a dog that best suits your particular needs.

Q:  Can a dog be trained to alert me before I am going to have a seizure?
A:  Service Dogs can be trained for seizure response. The bonding experience between the service dog and companion will determine how the service dog responds to a potential seizure and how the dog will alert the companion.

Q:  Can my dog be trained to be a service dog?
A:  Your dog would have to be evaluated to make sure your dog is able to be trained and perform the tasks you require.

Q:  Can I take my service dog any where I travel?
A:  The American Disabilities Act states that a trained service dog can go anywhere with its companion. This does includes movie theaters, restaurants, buses, airplanes, school and work.

Q:  Can service dogs be trained to alert me of a change in my blood sugar levels?
Yes a trained "hypo alert dog" or diabetic service dog can be trained to help diabetics with there blood sugar levels.

Q:  Are Service Dogs allowed in hospitals?
A:  Yes, trained Service Dogs are allowed in hospitals as a matter of fact a properly trained service dog can accompany their owners anywhere, airplanes, restaurants, supermarket and more.
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