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Alert Service Dogs, Medical Alert Dogs

Alter dogs are trained for people with disabilities that require a dog to help with everyday tasks, early warning situations and companionship.

alert dog trainingAlert Dogs - alert dogs are trained to recognize and respond to blood sugar fluctuations in diabetic patients, seizures and panic attacks. Alert dog training includes:

  • Hypo Alert Dogs - diabetic service dog can actually sense chemical changes taking place when blood sugar goes too high or low in a person with diabetes.
  • Seizure Alert Dogs - a dog that is highly sensitive to human body language and uses that sensitivity to alert and protect a seizure prone child or adult prior to the seizure episode.
  • Epilepsy Alert Dogs - Epilepsy Alert Dogs are response dogs are trained to recognize, respond and help someone who has epilepsy or a seizure disorder by
    summonsing help, pulling objects away, blocking the individual, rouse the unconscious handler, providing physical support, carrying information and even sense an impending and alert their handler.

Types of Alert Dogs, Alert Service Dogs

Alert Service Dogs can help take some of the burden off care takers and help their handlers to have a richer life.

Alert Dogs

A well trained Service Dog helps individuals live a normal life and give their handlers sense of independence they deserve. A trained alert dog can:

  • Retrieve Medication and Other Items
  • Open Doors and Cabinets
  • Pick Up Phone
  • Alert Authorities
  • Turn On and Off Lights
  • Alert Owner to Seizures
  • Alert Owner to Changes in Blood Sugar
  • Assist with Walking
  • Alert Owner to Sounds (doorbell, phone, etc)
  • Provide Companionship
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