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Service Dogs - Raising Awareness
Raising Awareness through Educational Events and
Providing Guidance for those in need of a Service Dog
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Service Dogs - Raising Awareness

We are, a non profit organization who's primary goal is to raise awareness about all types of service dogs and help those in need of a service dog but are not sure where to start or may not have the funds to purchase a service dog. We provide Service Dog education, guidance and solutions.

Certified Service Dogs are trained for children and adults with medical afflictions such as Diabetes, PTSD, Seizures and Autism and medical needs of each person. Since medical insurance companies do not pay or reimburse for the cost of a medical service dog, many times people in need of a service dog will have to make that hard decision to put their medical needs on hold while they attempt to save up for the purchase of the service dog.

Service Dogs help take some of the burden off care takers and help individuals with medical or physical limitations have a richer and easier life.

We intend to raise awareness of the medical benefits service dogs provide, give guidance to those looking into getting a service dog and help shine the light and raise awareness to each medical infliction where Service Dogs are most often trained to help. Providing Service Dogs to children with medical inflictions in which a service dog can help change the family dynamics, allowing children to grow up to be happy, productive adults.

Learn about Services Dogs & Alert Dogs

Service Dogs
Service Dogs - Service Dog Training

Service Dogs - Service dogs are trained to retrieve medication, open doors, alert Authorities. Specialty service dogs includes PTSD Dogs, Psychiatric Service Dogs and Autism Service Dogs

Assistance Dogs
Assistance Dogs - Stability Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs - Dogs trained to provide wheelchair assistance and/or stability assistance. For additional information please visit Wheelchair assistance dogs and Stability assistance dogs.

Therapy Dogs
Therapy Dogs - Therapy Dog Training

Therapy Dogs - Therapy dogs provide affection and comfort to people in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice facilities, schools, assisted living facilities, shelters and during catastrophe and disaster relief situations. Therapy dogs

Alert Dogs
Alert Service Dogs - Alert Dog Training

Alert Dogs - Alert dog training includes training dogs to recognize and respond to seizures, panic attacks and blood sugar fluctuations in diabetic patients. Alert dog training includes Hypo Alert Dogs, Seizure Alert Dogs, and Epilepsy Alert Dogs
A Non Profit Organization dedicated to raising Service Dog Awareness

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